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Linglu Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality and internationally renowned brands of in-situ characterization scientific instruments and professional laboratory analysis equipment, etc. We provide professional application solutions and also offer innovative one-stop-shop complete solutions, it is including sample preprocessing, instrumentation, and data analysis for data processing according to the user's specific application needs. We have strong R&D and production capacity, extensive products, and perfect technical services. The types of products includes In-situ Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometer, In-situ Electrochemical Infrared Accessories, Online Gas-phase Mass Spectrometer, Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer, Stable Isotopic Mass Spectrometer, Infrared Spectrometer and Accessories of Various Infrared Spectrometers, Turbine Molecular Pumps and other types of Vacuum Application Solutions, these products are the world's top professional products. Whether you are engaged in any scientific researches or technology application fields, whether scientific research and development has any new product plan needs. In Linglu, we will provide you with a complete set of products, solutions and professional technical services.


Our customers are from all over the world, such as universities, research institutes, laboratories and enterprise researches and development institutions. The company's purpose is to become an international company in related fields, and to sell the more and more instruments to the top universities and research institutes such as Europe and the United States, meanwhile, with committing to become "one-stop solution" products suppliers. In order to achieve this goal, our sales force and technical personnel constantly are keeping to enrich their professional knowledge, mastering the most advanced development of scientific researches and development applications, timely provide customers with the latest solutions.



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Membrane Inlet mass spectrometer can measure the concentration of dissolved gases (N2,O2,CO2) in water in real time and in situ,can accurately determine the denitrification rate of water in flooded environment. It is considered to be the most research on denitrification and denitrification rate. At the same time, the membrane injection mass spectrometer can also be applied to the detection of stable isotope (15N,18O), photosynthetic respiration,anaerobic ammonium oxidation and other aspects.
In-situ differential electrochemical mass spectrometry is an in-situ electrochemical characterization method, which is mainly used to detect volatile intermediates or final products generated by solid-liquid interface electrode reaction, and use the obtained information qualitative and quantitative to study electricity. DEMS is indispensable for studying the electrochemical reaction mechanism and is one of the important tools to complement in situ characterization of electrochemical spectra.
In-situ differential electrochemical mass spectrometry is an in-situ electrochemical characterization method that can qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the gases generated/consumed during operation of batteries. It is suitable for button cell, soft pack battery, hard shell battery and other different batteries.It is one of the important research tools to study the reaction mechanism of the battery, SEI film formation, electrolyte and electrode stability.
Multi-component rapid analysis of process gases in real time and online using a high-performance quadrupole mass analyzer and dedicated software and injection systems designed for process gas analysis. In addition to the powerful features of a conventional online mass spectrometer, the instrument is small and fast, suitable for on-site inspection. Qualitative or quantitative analysis of gas associated with gas can be achieved.
Electrochemical in-situ infrared spectroscopy can detect the spectral signal. The infrared spectrum of the high signal-to-noise ratio of the single-layer adsorption species on the surface of the electrode can be obtained with the acquisition time of milliseconds. Technology has been a relatively versatile surface characterization technique for identifying chemical properties, adsorption orientation and configuration of adsorbed species on the electrode surface.
The electrode material was designed to study the spectral changes in charge and discharge. The working electrode is placed directly below the see-through window and is connected to a perforated manifold. A fiberglass separator and corresponding counter electrode are stacked under the working electrode. This allows the optical instrument to "see" the back side of the working motor material from the upper glazing.
The high-vacuum requirement is achieved by the pumping of the dry pump and the molecular pump, which can realize the purification treatment and realization of the in-situ reaction tank.Empty adsorption and desorption process. The main valve is a stainless steel angle valve. The main molecular pump has the characteristics of fast pumping speed, small volume, low noise, simple operation and convenient use. The front stage is oil-free system, and the sample can be basically free from pollution.
In the study and evaluation of catalysts, the in situ pyridine infrared spectrometry to characterize the acid center of the solid catalyst and the acidity is one of the most effective methods to distinguish the acid type of the catalyst surface. Pyridine infrared can not only distinguish B acid L acid, It is also possible to distinguish between strong and weak acids by different adsorption temperatures.
Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Spectroscopy (DRIFTS) is an in-situ technique that analyzes the reaction mechanism by tracking the on-site reaction adsorption state of the catalyst to obtain some valuable surface reaction information. The characterization technique is suitable for solid powder samples. Direct measurement and surface analysis of the material, the sample processing is simple, no tableting is required, and the original morphology of the sample is not changed.
The American Thermo Fisher Scientific Molecular Spectrum Division (formerly Nichols Instruments) is the world's largest professional manufacturer of Fourier infrared spectrometers. For decades, it has been ranked among the world's top Fourier infrared technologies with its superb technology, excellent products, and high-quality comprehensive services. It has a high market share worldwide and has been rated as the market leader of Fourier infrared spectrometers for many years.
Germany Pfeiffer Vacuum company HiPace series molecular pump, DUO series mechanical pump and PrismaPlus series residual gas analyzer (RGA).
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